Based on AS2293, the Australian Standard for Emergency lighting, BARDIC has prepared a technical training Webinar which provides valuable information relating to the Australian Building Codes and Standards. 

This Webinar will enhance your existing knowledge, culminating in the ability to assess and evaluate existing emergency lighting installations. 

Participants will explore the different sections of AS2293 working through real world application examples, expanding their knowledge and providing a challenge for anyone who engages.
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Who Should Attend?
This training will have specific use for specifiers, consultants, contractors, maintenance managers, engineers and resellers who are involved with the design and maintenance of emergency lighting systems.  The program will develop your understanding of the base principles working through building classification and product selection, adding value to even an experienced engineer.


  • Essential legal obligations, including the BCA
  • Types of emergency and exit lighting systems
  • System performance, arrangement and control
  • Installation design criteria
  • Luminance requirements, lux levels, uniformity and duration requirements
  • Using spacing tables for escape routes and open areas
  • Inspection and maintenance procedures


The Webinar runs for 45 minutes with opportunity to post questions for our qualified engineers.


Participants will gain the knowledge and understanding to be able to assess existing systems and evaluate the design, installation, testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems.

All Webinar delegates will be registered to receive future Industry Technical Papers and ongoing support material, serving as a valuable point of reference after completion of the training. Course code MPWE1.

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